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A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls

  1. A Matter of Balance

  3. Have you ever attended an In-Person Matter of Balance class?*
  4. Dates of Matter of Balance Zoom Meetings
    Tuesday   01/26/21  Introduction to the Program
    Thursday 01/28/21  Exploring Thoughts and Concerns About Falling
    Tuesday:  02/02/21  Exercise and Fall Prevention
    Thursday 02/04/21  Assertiveness and Fall Prevention
    Tuesday:  02/09/21  Managing Concerns About Falling
    Thursday 02/11/21  Recognizing Fall-ty Habits
    Tuesday:  02/16/21  Recognizing Fall Hazards in the Home and Community
    Thursday 02/18/21  Practicing No Fall-ty Habits - Fall Prevention: Putting it All Together
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